What´s this?

The Zombie Apoclypse is an adventure real game where you can play in first person.

During a few hours, all the town will experiment a simulation of what can happen in case of a zombie invasion. A realistic representation on the way of the actual science-fiction and zombie media series and films (Z War, The Walking Dead, etc…), where the main goal is to survive (for Survivors) or expand the mortal virus (Zombies side).
Departing from an apocalyptic scenario, we have designed a fiction story thought to let you live an unforgettable experience with emotions and sensations as similar as we can to the reality. Participants and actors will immerse into the game making it dynamic and realistic.
Everything is thought to let you feel the lead of your own film and many psychic and physic challenges will be presented to you, with repercussions that will settle your destiny.

You can register as Survivor, as a civilian, and try to survive escaping from zombies. You must follow Authorities´ instructions and do some tests to achieve the goal of being evacuated from the infected zone. If you become infected, you´ll became a zombie and you´ll join the other side, trying to feed yourself with unfortunate survivors.

If you register as Zombie you´ll became part of the zombie hordes and you unique goal will be to chase and infect who remains alive to expand your specie. Inside hordes several missions will be assigned to you and even you may become a Z zombie, having the ability of run and plan ambushes.

There may also remain some places as actor/actress, for who has vocation of soldier, special force member, scientific, betrayer, etc.

Doubts - FAQ

What if I can´t arrive before the start?

If you can´t be there on time for the check-in, please, contact us and we´ll arrange it to have your check-in prepared and ready when you arrive. We can´t assure you we´ll be ready immediately for you when you arrive, but, we´ll do the best to allow you to play as soon as possible.
For whom being on time, we´ve got a pre-game planned to entertain you while the others are checking-in. Who knows: you may event get some extra points! ;)

Does it cost the same as survivor and zombie?

Yes. We´ve considered that everybody is playing in this game, but with your preferred role, so, the price is the same for both roles.
Somebody commented: "then, for the same price, it´s better to play as survivor and, when they catch me, became a zombie, it´s a double play!". It´s not exactly the same: if you begin as a zombie you´ll have preference for the make up and more time for it, so, it will be probably better and zombies have their own missions too, and, even though, they may recover from the illness. It´s only another role in the game.

If I come with my child, must I pay too?

Yes. The game is thought fist for adult´s play, then, if we allow adults free when they go along their children, there won´t be any way to control who is going along them or who´s taking the advantage of it to play for free.

I won´t pay: I make up as Zombie and come to the party for free!

Well... you can, of course, but you´ll loose lots of fun because actors won´t interact with you, and, the game is much more than only wear a zombie costume.
We´re on the street, so, we can´t control what you do there. But Police can... then, don´t complain if they give you a fine for disturbance (we´ve got an authorization, do you?). In addition, we´ll be the first to call them if you look for troubles or bother to the participants.


The specific timetable depends on each edition, but usually, the game runs over this template:

After mid-day

Check-in - Registry validation
Participant pack delivery

Some hours before to start

Zombie´s Make-up

Night(22h aprox.)

Initial Scene

Early morning(5-6h)

Survivors evacuation and end of the game



The Z-INFECTION is a public event open to 10 years old and over, although the Organization reserves the right to refuse admission.

The registration implies the knowledge and total agreement of the game rules.

The Organization won’t take any responsibility for any lost or damaged personal effect during the game.

Every participant will be the unique responsible for their own acts and their consequences, in and out of the game.

The game will begin after your check-in, even though the central activity will take place after the initial scene, and will finish with the final scene, but you can leave it earlier if you want.


Kids under the age of 14 will go accompanied for and adult (who is a participant too) all the time in the game. This adult will have to complete the written pertinent declaration, and follow the same luck as the kid (i.e.: if one of them is infected by a zombie, the other one is too).

People under the age of 18 can participate alone, but they have to bring a paternal authorization from his parents or guardians with a copy of their ID.

All the participants have to validate their inscriptions at the registration point after the indicated time. At this moment we´ll give you the participant pack. People registered as a zombie will have to pass for obligated made-up session (or checking made-up, in case you do it at home).

During the game, participants will bring, all the time, his/her passport and his/her identifying card prominently: green for the survivors, red for the zombies and yellow for the members of the Organization and the actors.

Hiding the identifying card can be a motive of expulsion from the game.


It’s forbidden the use of any transport which is not used by the organization or it isn’t been part of the game. The use of cars, motorcycles, bikes, skates or others will be a motive of punishment and/or expulsion.

It’s also forbidden to take drugs or to drink alcohol during the event. Everyone under their effects will be expulsed immediately.

The minimum aggression between participants and/or actors is forbidden. For this is prohibited to punch, kick, defend, catch, throw any object, etc. If you are trap in a dead end, you are dead or you will have to play as in a “Walking Dead” and play the role of your life as "zombie´s food".

It´s also forbidden to wear any kind of firearm, real or fake, in exception of actors and organization members.


Survivors must be present at the beginning of the game. Since then, your main target will be to follow the received clues to complete the challenges that you raised, trying to avoid to fall under the zombies´ hands.

Most of the participants will begin the game "alive", and will bring an identifying green card, but during the night you´ll become infected and you´ll change the green card for a red one. In this moment your challenge will be to give a good "die" show… Only a few ones will survive and be evacuated. The ones with the greatest number of completed challenges will receive an especial present to remember their achievement.

Be careful! Due to safety reasons, Zombies will catch and infect you with a simple contact, so don’t outbreak if you are trap. Chance will decide if you´re devoured and inevitably became a zombie, or only bitten and you can escape and try to get some vaccine to have a second chance. In any case, you have to give them your green identifying card and go to Epidemic Control Center. If you finally reborn as a zombie, with your new made-up, you can join to a zombie horde and roam in the village and infect the latest unfortunate survivors.


Zombies bring the sickness and they wear a red identifying card.

Unlike the movies, Zombies, usually retain some of their intellect and motor faculties. You will find them moving in groups (hordes) but also wandering around individually, and in this case, they tend to run, a lot! These are known as "Zeta" zombies.

Be a zombie is fun too: going in group, you are slowly, but your number will increase during the night, and survivors will be tired for moments. So these will be favorable for you. Play your role, loitering the streets, and scare the people (players or not), crawl, groan, pose for the cameras... you´ll be the center of media attention!

The hordes are powerhouses of the Zombies. A kind of common mind makes them concoct plans and ambushes. Horde continually out new Zeta as well as small groups with specific missions. As with the challenges of survivors, at the end of the game, Zombies with the highest number of completed missions, will receive a special gift to remember their trail of death. Its known that certain subjects has been able to recover from the disease.

Public and rest of the population

The game develops in a real environment, which means there´ll be alien people who aren’t playing, but you can interact to some extent with them: in example, you can ask them for indications to find a street, but you can’t tell them that there are soldiers shooting in the streets, especially if they ignore that you play in a game. If it’s necessary, please explain that everything is a fiction to everyone unfamiliar with the game.

Police it still being real and they have total authority. Remember in the game all the actors/actress will wear their yellow identifying card.

There will be members of the organization in plainclothes to supervise the correct development of the game. If they see any improper conduct, they can expulse you. They´re the only one who can cover their identifying card.

Game area

The game area is restricted into a marked area in the maps that you will have in your disposition and/or by informative signs. But you have to bear in mind that you share the game area with other alien people and a real world, including vehicles traveling as usual, so pay attention and respect the traffic rules for the pedestrians.

The game will be developed in public streets and areas, with the exception of some area habilitated and controlled by the organization or the actors/actress. The rest of the lands, locals or houses will be excluded of the game, so you CAN´T go into them.

Challenges, missions and tests

During the game several clues will present challenges and tests that Survivors should do. Some of them may be necessary for the final evacuation. If you can’t go through one of them, don’t worry, look for evidences and clues to the next one. Don’t obsess you. The important thing here it’s to have fun! Zombies will be also able to complete their own missions to collaborate to the expansion of their specie, and, even though some rare regeneration cases are known.

They can be new random elements, positive or negative, in any moment, to give more dynamism to the game. Don’t believe all the things you hear, because they may be false, because even the actors can lie. You will better to suspect if the situation don’t look good. And be careful with the others survivors, they may use you as zombie distraction while they pass onto another way… So don’t trust in anyone, including your shadow!

Confidentiality and personal data

In accordance with the Ley Orgánica 15/1999 of 13th of December about the Personal Data Protection (LOPDP), we inform you that your personal data will be incorporated and processed in our database at the moment you fulfill the forms and participate at the game.
The main purpose of this database is the participants’ management during the game, as well as to inform you about other activities that we´ll organize.
The player accept that from the check-in and until the end of the game, we can monitor it to follow it evolution in the game, including its geographic position, and share that information with the other players, examine or make it public in a generic or anonymous form. In relation to the personal data, we guarantee you that it will remain confidential and we won’t share it to any third party not professionally related to Z-infection, except for the compliance of applicable legal obligations.

You can exercise your access, rectification, cancelation and opposition rights in connection with your personal data, by writing a mail with an attached copy of your ID card at

Materials cession

In order to take place in the game, Z-infection can cede material to the players. These become liable with its custody, conservation and return at the end of the game, being directly responsible about its deterioration and damage further than the normal and adequate game use, as well as about its loos or theft.
If the player doesn´t return the material, Z-infection reserves its right to report missappropriation and/or to invoice him/her all the restitution costs, and in case of proven non-payment, communicate it to files of patrimonial solvency and credit, according to that provided by the actual law of personal data protection.


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