En Mayo de 2016, un accidente en un laboratorio bioquímico clandestino liberó una cepa experimental del mortífero virus Z-WR6, de muy alta mortalidad pero que convierte a sus víctimas en... ¡zombis!
Desde entonces se han producido brotes en diferentes poblaciones y, aunque las autoridades intentan contenerlos por todos los medios, algunos infectados siguen libres propiciando nuevas infecciones.
La sociedad se está adaptando y organizando para afrontar esta nueva realidad. Han surgido grupos de resistencia, unidades militares especializadas, empresas que intentan sacarle provecho, sectas que lo ven como el verdadero apocalipsis...
¿Será tu ciudad (o tu empresa, o ¡tu boda!) la próxima en ser el escenario de una infección zombi?
Z-infection brings you everything needed to organize and to live an authentic zombie infection.
¿A qué grupo o facción te unirás? ¿Lucharás o sólo intentarás sobrevivir?








Z-INFECTION is an adventure real game where you can play in first person.

During a few hours, all the town (or your company, or your wedding!) will experiment a simulation of what can happen in case of a zombie invasion. A realistic representation on the way of the actual science-fiction and zombie media series and films (Z War, The Walking Dead, etc…), where the main goal is to survive (for Survivors) or expand the mortal virus (Zombies side).
From an apocalyptic scenario, we have designed a fiction story thought to let you live an unforgettable experience with emotions and sensations as similar as we can to the reality. Participants and actors will immerse into the game making it dynamic and realistic.
Everything is thought to let you feel the lead of your own film and many psychic and physic challenges will be presented to you, with repercussions that will settle your destiny.

You can register as Survivor, as a civilian, and try to survive escaping from zombies. You must follow Authorities´ instructions and do some tests to achieve the goal of being evacuated from the infected zone. If you become infected, you´ll became a zombie and you´ll join the other side, trying to feed yourself with unfortunate survivors.

If you register as Zombie you´ll became part of the zombie hordes and you unique goal will be to chase and infect who remains alive to expand your specie. Inside hordes several missions will be assigned to you and even you may become a Z zombie, having the ability of run and plan ambushes.

There may also remain some places as actor/actress, for who has vocation of soldier, special force member, scientific, betrayer, etc.

Consulta las Reglas de Juego para conocer más detalles.


What should I bring?

A zombie apocalypse will arrive without notice, so, if we were true to reality, we must go ´as is´... but, we´ll play a game (although very realistic one), so, we recommend you to be slightly prepared for it to make your experience funnier and avoid a so much realistic annoyance.
You should come to a Z-infection with comfortable clothes and footwear (you´ll run!) and, if possible, old ones (without problems if it gets dirty or even rips by some fall)... ankle support and gloves if you´re fall-prone (or by simple protection)... and something to light up dark zones... and if you bring cellphones or cams, be aware of they may be broken and, obviously, we can´t take any charge in front of any damage.
Here there´s a video from Yeray, an expert survivor, who had explained with all detail how he was facing up one of our editions... be sure that he point out something you haven´t in mind to bring there!

What if I can´t arrive before the game begins?

If you can´t be there on time for the check-in, please, contact us and we´ll arrange it to have your check-in prepared and ready when you arrive. We can´t assure you we´ll be ready immediately for you when you arrive, but, we´ll do the best to allow you to play as soon as possible.
For whom being on time, we´ve got a pre-game planned to entertain you while the others are checking-in. Who knows: you may event get some extra points! ;)

Does it cost the same as survivor and zombie?

Yes. We´ve considered that everybody is playing in this game, but with your preferred role, so, the price is the same for both roles.
Somebody commented: "then, for the same price, it´s better to play as survivor and, when they catch me, became a zombie, it´s a double play!". It´s not exactly the same: if you begin as a zombie you´ll have preference for the make up and more time for it, so, it will be probably better and zombies have their own missions too, and, even though, they may recover from the illness. It´s only another role in the game.

If I come with my child, must I pay too?

Yes. The game is first thought for adult´s play, then, if we allow adults free when they go along their children, there won´t be any way to control who is going along them or who´s taking the advantage of it to play for free.

Once I choose a faction, should I wear any custome?

Solo si tu quieres... sigues siendo un "civil" que simplemente, ha decidido que será mejor seguir a unos u otros. Por ejemplo: si te alías con Z-Force, no hace falta que vengas vestido como un militar, y, ni mucho menos ¡armado! simplemente serás un civil que estará del lado de los militares.
Además, ten en cuenta que es probable que durante el juego debas hacerte pasar por alguien de otra facción... si vas caracterizado, puede que te sea más difícil. ¡Ah! te daremos un pin para recordar tu participación, que corresponderá a tu facción, pero, ese pin NO existe dentro de la facción... ningún personaje puede saber de qué facción eres solo porque lleves el pin a la vista.

¿Mejor solo o en grupo?

Es bastante difícil de decir pues dependerá muchísimo de vuestro propio comportamiento en el juego. Lo tenemos ideado para que lo disfrutéis por igual, ya sea individualmente o en grupo, y debáis adoptar un rol concreto y defenderlo a lo largo del juego, que, eso sí, dependerá de vuestra elección…
Si vais en grupo, normalmente uno cogerá más protagonismo que otro (¿un líder?) y el resto le seguirán (o le traicionarán! Jajaja) y es probable que a lo largo de la noche os separéis por cualquier razón… podéis colaborar, confrontar ideas e información, recordar mejor las pistas, etc. pero esto tampoco es garantía de una mayor probabilidad de supervivencia. Si vais solos, tendréis que trabajar un poco más pero tampoco preocuparos por lo que hacen o dejan de hacer el resto, aunque probablemente acabaréis agrupándoos con otra gente, ni que sean desconocidos, pues es natural coincidir y colaborar… (o engañaros mutuamente!)

If I start as a zombie, can I be a Zeta?

All infected participants in the game will be assigned to a zombie horde where they´ll spend time both in the horde and in missions. The most recurrent mission will be to perform as a Zeta during a period of time in a sector, but there will also be other kind of missions. If you start as a zombie, you´ll have the opportunity to participate in the initial show (if zombies appears there in that edition) and begin with a Zeta mission, you´ll also have a make-up session before (usually with more time for it) or you can come already made-up/characterized from home and you may get a partial devolution of your ticket (according to the make-up team criteria) and you´ll have preference on choosing and being assigned to the missions in the horde.

I won´t pay: I make up as Zombie and come to the party for free!

Well... you can, of course, but you´ll loose lots of fun because actors won´t interact with you, and, the game is much more than only wear a zombie costume.
We´re on the street, so, we can´t control what you do there. But Police can... then, don´t complain if they give you a fine for disturbance (we´ve got an authorization, do you?). In addition, we´ll be the first to call them if you look for troubles or bother to the participants.

Can we play as a group?

Being survivors: there´s no problem, you can organize yourself as you want and how many you want. You can go individually or form a mega-group, every option has pros and cons... forming a group, in general, let you plan better strategies, but you´re going to be more visible and zombies will detect you easily (they smell fresh meat!)
Being zombies: you can only form a group when you´re in an horde (with the corresponding horde chief) and hordes are slow (they don´t run). In "Z" missions zombies can run, but they do it individually.

Can pregnant women participate?

Beyond the intrinsic risk of a fall, a push, a blow, etc., tension, emotion or physical exertion, there is no specific reason that prevents a pregnant woman from participating in the game. Of course: if you decide to participate, take it easy and very carefully!
If you do not dare, you always have the option to talk with us and try to come as a volunteer amateur actress in some scene ... how about surprising your boy having been captured as a subject of experimentation in the laboratory? for example! ;)


There´re special editions with its own schedule, places and dynamics, but usually, nearly all the editions are based on this schedule:
  • After mid-day: Check-in - Registry validation / Participant pack delivery
  • Tarde sobre las 16 o 17h: Sesión infantil
  • Night (between 22:00h and 00:00h): Initial Performance
  • Juego: Dura unas 6h con los espectáculos incluidos
  • Madrugada (4h aprox.): Survivors evacuation and end of the game
El espectáculo inicial suele ser inmersivo, es decir, servirá como introducción en el juego. A partir de allí te esperan unas 6h de juego que te llevarán por todos los rincones del terreno de juego.
Si te conviertes en zombi, también te maquillaremos.
En algunas edicions hay una escena intermedia. Si es el caso, algunos retos pueden cambiar, algunos estarán abiertos únicamente la primera parte, otros la segunda, otros todo el juego.

Nuestros eventos van dirigidos a un muy amplio espectro de posibilidades:

  • Ayuntamientos o Entidades que quieran llevar a su ciudad una experiencia zombi a gran escala
  • Empresas que quieran sorprender con un acto corporativo distinto o un Team Building altamente inmersivo
  • Particulares que quieran hacer de su aniversario, partida de airsoft o incluso su boda (¿recordáis REC3?) algo muy especial
Incluso podemos alquilarte nuestro attezzo y/o actores para que te montes tu propia experiencia.

¡Contacta con nosotros al 691 72 72 72 o por correo en info@z-infection.com y miraremos cómo Z-infection puede encajar en tus planes!


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